iCare Caregivers Inc


About iCare Caregivers

What makes iCare Caregivers different than other homecare agencies?

We provide PERSONALIZED caregivers who are carefully selected by our qualified staff. After carefully assessing your needs, we match you with the person who we feel best matches your needs and your personality.

Is there a charge for an initial consultation?

No; iCare Caregivers wants everyone to be educated on all of their options. This is a free over the phone, or in person service to anyone inquiring about in-home care.

Do you only take care of seniors?

No; iCare Caregivers takes care of those in need of assistance regardless of their age.


How are your employees screened?

All iCare Caregivers personnel are our employees (not independent contractors.) Caregivers are required to have a full background and DMV checks before being hired.  In addition, we contact all references and carefully analyze all the information to ensure that only the best people become iCare Caregivers employees.

Do you provide services in facilities?

Yes; Our Caregivers can provide service In-Home, in Skilled Nursing facilities, Hospitals or anywhere permitted.

Is there a "Contract for Services" and if so, what is the cancellation policy?

Yes;  We have a contract so that everyone is aware of and understands the policies that are put in place to protect the client and the caregivers.  We have a two day cancellation policy, but our caregivers appreciate being given more notice. 

Is there supervision of the caregivers by administrative staff?

Yes; iCare Caregivers has several policies in place that provide supervision of employees.


Can iCare services be covered by insurance or Medicare?

In some cases; iCare Caregivers is a qualified company to be covered by long-term care insurance, however we do not accept Medicare.

Why should I go through an agency as opposed to privately hiring someone?

1.     You are protected from liability due to injury or theft by the liability insurance we carry.

2.     The caregiver can be trusted in your home because they have been carefully screened and vetted by our agency.

3.     Your caregiver, provided by our agency, is protected in case of accident or injury by coverage through Worker’s Comp insurance.

4.     Your caregiver is a W-2 employee and thereby accrues credit towards social security and will have the correct deductions made from their paycheck. This also guarantees their qualifications for unemployment benefits once their job with the client ends, if no new assignment is available.

5.     Our agency can provide an alternate caregiver in the event that your caregiver is unable to come to work that day; this guarantees that you will never be left without care.

6.     Our agency can serve as a liaison if there are difficulties between you and the caregiver. We can help to resolve any issues to the mutual satisfaction of everyone.

7.     If hiring privately you are not protected by an agency’s liability insurance. You would also have to obtain your own criminal and driving record checks, which is not easy to do. The additional risk of a caregiver not providing continuity of care is also a concern.

What is the difference between home care and home health?

Home care is non-medical assistance and provides help with shopping, meal preparation, light housekeeping as well as personal care such as help with grooming or toileting.

Home health is medically prescribed care by your doctor for you to receive assistance in the home. This care can include, wound care, administration of intravenous medicines, taking samples for lab analysis.  No other help in the home is provided by home health nurses.